Cargo, 2019

Commercial Photography
New York City, NY

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“Rideshare is changing transit for everyone, everywhere. Collectively, we’re spending more time in-car than ever before–– two billion hours in 2017! While rideshare booms, retail is busting. The rise of ecommerce has been the fall of brick and mortar retail. As fewer people purchase in-store, and rideshare, electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles eventually obviate gas station retail, brands will be looking for more data-driven distribution channels, closer to the consumer.

Enter Cargo. Our mission is to upgrade the rider experience with affordable access to daily essentials and discovery goods, while helping drivers earn a more livable wage.” - Cargo

Cargo, 2019Cargo, 2019Cargo, 2019
Cargo, 2019Cargo, 2019Cargo, 2019