While studying Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins, I took an accessory design course that asked us to create an innovative product to help solve a personal problem. We were recommended to use found materials and think beyond the confines of traditional accessories.
Not knowing how serious the Covid-19 pandemic would be, I ironically decided to create a head and face covering. The idea of the headpiece was to serve the purpose of keeping women and femmes safe while walking home alone at night. While in London, there were often news articles and posters up around our university that reminded students to be alert while walking home in the dark due to the recent increase in robbery and assault. As I continued researching historically protective headgear, more cases of Covid-19 started rising and the surge of mask wearing slowly took over London.

Although the mask was originally made with neon construction gloves to bring caution to the street and provide a covering for the femmes hair so that their hair could not be grabbed, the project soon evolved into a face covering to shield from the virus. What now is both a protective accessory that one can put on while walking home alone at night, also serves as a protective accessory from the exterior pandemic taking over London and the globe at large.