After receiving a grant from the University of Michigan in 2019, I started STAA., a visual brand exploring themes of intimacy and identity. Since officially launching last year, STAA. has grown its online presence through multi-media outlets, including pop-up installations, zines, merchandise.

Within STAA., I do all of the graphic design, photography, videography, typography, and print. I use conceptual design and creative problem solving to approach each new piece.


Embrace, Summer 2019

Lick your Lovers

Central Saint Martins Fashion Communication Zine, 2020

Alive with Pleasure.

The relationship you have with your sexual self is ever evolving, growing, and learning.
Three's Company.

No shame in the period sex game.

In these stressful times, please remember to be gentle with yourself and make space for some quality you time.

Is this thing turned on?

LOST LETTERS: I was young(er)
Stop feeling guilty about your sexuality.

Working from Home in 2020.We will make it through this together.

Head til you're dead.

Solo intimacy is just as important as the intimacy you share with the other people in your life. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and honest with your friends, families, lovers, and partners, as well as yourself, can help you discover new forms of intimacy that might just change your life forever.


Whether they’re sloppy, shy, or sensual, kissing can intimately connect us to our partners, lover, and friends, in ways words can not.No matter where you are in life, it's okay to question your sexual orientation, preferences, & boundaries.Summer in NYC.Physical intimacy can allow us the chance to connect, learn, and grow in ways far beyond the realm of words.
Escape into the abyss of vulnerability.

Valentine’s day might be over but the quest for self love & pleasure isn’t.
Your understanding of your sexuality will evolve over your lifetime.