Hi, I am Grace Coudal and I am a Chicago-based artist currently pursuing a BFA in Art and Design and a minor in Sexuality & LGBTQ+ Studies at the University of Michigan. 

Working in various fields of visual art, I seek to tell honest stories through photography, mixed media, and creative direction. My work often explores intimacy, identity, and sexuality.

I am the founder of STAA., a brand that empowers and validates sexuality and identities through art and design, and Co-Founder of Between Girls., an online platform that highlights the stories and voices of women and femmes.

I currently work as a for-hire photographer, creative director, and social media strategist.

︎ CV

Awards & Grants
University of Michigan Undergraduate Research Grant (2020)
Kelly McKinnell Memorial Award (2020)
Kristoffer M. Gillette Scholarship (2020)
The Caldwell Poetry Prize - Spoken Word Poetry (2019)
OptiMize Social Innovation Fellowship Grant - STAA. (2019)
The Caldwell Poetry Prize - Spoken Word Poetry (2018)

Published Work
Intimately South Intimately West - Published Photography Book (2021)
Adolescent Content - Interview for Between Girls (2019)
The Chicago Reader - Published Photographs - Case (2019) The Chicago Reader - Published Photographs - Tasha (2018)
National Publish Radio Music - Published Photographs - Tasha (2018)

Cara Delevingne’s Instagram - Photograph - Eva for #PassThePlatform (2020)
GirlGaze - Photograph - Remy for STAA. (2019)
Michigan Fashion Media Summit - Photograph and Interview - Student Spotlight (2019)
Adolescent Content - Interview - Between Girls. (2019)
Speciwomen - Photograph and Interview - STAA. (2019)
Dame Products - Photograph - STAA. (2019)
Them - Photograph - #oneofthem (2019)
GirlGaze - Photograph - Eva (2018)

University of Michigan Stamps Juried Undergraduate Exhibition (2018)